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Ccentral Province Flag Sri LankaThank you for visiting the website of Department of provincial Revenue of Central provincial council, Sri Lanka.

The Department of provincial Revenue of Central provincial council was established according to the legal framework of number 17 of 1990, Finance statute passed by Central provincial Council, within the legal provisions granted by the Constitution of Democratic Socialist republic of Sri Lanka, and it is functioning under the supervision of Hon. Chief Minster as Finance Minister and the Chief Secretary as the Chief Accounting Officer of the Central Provincial Council.

Core objective of the department is to collect financial resources required for the betterment of general public in the province, as taxes and duties, by productively administrating the revenue sources given to provincial council in 13th amendment of the constitution, and maintain an updated formal procedure for the same.

Our services are Educating general public about Taxes and Duties, giving advices, providing required forms and vouchers for paying Taxes and Duties.

Our ThemeOur Theme

Obtain the prescribed taxes gently from public without discommoding them; just as gentle as a bee that collects pollen from a flower


Our VisionOur Vision

Highest Contribution to the Improvement of Revenue of the Central Province

Our Our MissionMission

To improve the Living standard of the general public in the province, through the development of  revenue of the Central Province, by Collecting Revenue in accordance with the legislated Sources of revenue, and Getting Information regarding Tax payable individuals, and Proceeding with Transparently, Justifiable and Equitable manner.

Provincial Flower

maha rathmalaThe official flower of the central province is Maha Rathmala (Rhododendron arboreum - subsp. zeylanicum.)

silver jubilee

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News & Events

Pawnbroker actPawn Brokers Act
From 1st of January 2016, Pawn Brokers Act is enforced in the Central Province.



Mineral TaxImplementation of Mineral Tax
Persons who carry out business of mining and removing mineral substances from a land situated within the Central Province, upon a license, are required to pay a Mineral Tax at a rate of zero point five per centum (0.5%) with effect from 01.04.2014 on the gross value of the turnover of minerals mined. Mineral Tax is charged under section 9(1) of the Finance (Supplementary Provisions) Statute of the Central Province N0.03 of 1996.



Event Calendar Adhesive Stamps Suspended-Central Province
The use all adhesive stamps of different values imposed by the Gazette No 642/18, 1990.12.28 must be suspended from 1st January 2012.
It is hereby required to use the Certificate obtained by paying money to the any branch of Bank of Ceylon or People's Bank



Stamp Duty

stamp duty Real Value for your property


Business Turnover Tax BTT Entrepreneurial strength for uplifting mid country

Betting Tax

Betting Tax Financial benefit for entertainment

Reach Us

Reach us No.244, Katugastota Road
Kandy, Sri Lanka

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