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Key Functional Areas

Road Development ServicesAssessing and collecting Stamp Duty based on Market Value

  • Collecting information by visiting relevant offices and from banks
  • Maintaining good rapport with Land Registries and Notaries public
  • Opening files according to the List of information
  • Calling for Instruments for file
  • Analyzing Files
  • If the paid Duty is not sufficient assess the Additional Duty

Motivating Tax Payers for paying Taxes

  • Motivating Tax payer for paying taxes and duties on Self Assessment basis
  • Making arrangement to display a notice at relevant places
  • Press release
  • Conducting awareness programs
  • Inspecting properties
  • Giving Advices about taxes and duties to taxpayers at the interviews

Bringing down the Tax in default balance Zero level

  • Percentile reduction of existing Taxes in default
  • Settling Appeals / Objections
  • Collecting taxes in default by visiting the Taxpayers
  • Proceeding with legal actions, against Tax payers who have not paid taxes or have not come on an agreement to pay taxes.

Updated Database System

  • Updating files in the Record room
  • Completing the BTT files up to 31-12-2010
  • Updating Stamp duty files
  • Facility to access an updated computerized data base trough a networked computer system
  • Research and Development of new sources of Revenue generating
  • Studying for the revenue sources within the legal provisions
  • Feasibility studies on Identified sources
  • Measuring the potential revenue from each sources
  • Determining the most suitable sources of revenue
  • Forwarding the proposal of New revenue sources to Chief Secretary for Obtaining approval
  • Implementing the approved Sources of revenue

Development of the Professional Competency of the staff

  • Conducting Training and Development programs
  • Identifying the needed areas for Professional training
  • Preparing a procedure
  • Identifying Resource persons and institutions

Appraising the performance

  • Daily and monthly progress report of each officer
  • Half-yearly report of Departmental performance
  • Annual report of Departmental performance

Good Governance

  • Functioning in accordance with Government Rules and regulations
  • Minimizing of audit queries
  • Bringing down the clients’ complaints to zero level

Stamp Duty

stamp duty Real Value for your property


Business Turnover Tax BTT Entrepreneurial strength for uplifting mid country

Betting Tax

Betting Tax Financial benefit for entertainment

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