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Turnover Tax

turnover taxDefinition

  • Turnover Tax is charged under section 03 of the Finance Statute of the Central Province N0.17 of 1990.

There shall be charged on

  • When a kind of goods or material is sold within the Central Province, a Turnover Tax at the rate of 1% and 5% is collected on the selling value of the item.

Effect From

  • 1st January, 1991. Discontinued from 01st January, 2011 

Turnover Tax Rates

Gold, Gems, Jewellery, Furniture, Timber, Cigarette and Liquor                  5%

Other goods and materials                                                                                   1%


  1. 636/13, 1990.11.15
  2. 642/18, 1990.12.28
  3. 917/2,1996.04.01
  4. 1371/23,2004.12.16
  5. 1389/5,2005.04.18
  6. 1467/14,2006.10.17
  7. 1476/1,2006.12.18

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